Flat Screen TV Wall Mount: Get to Know Four of the Most Common Types

Along with modern life comes a slew of choices, from food that you can eat to gadgets that you can buy. No longer are people limited to one or two choices as hundreds of companies and manufacturers compete to win the hearts of consumers. Therefore, even choosing a flat screen TV probably took you more than a few days—but it doesn’t end there. You’ll then have to pick out the best flat screen TV wall mount to suit your TV’s purpose and placement. To help you in making a final decision, here’s a brief description of four common types of flat screen TV wall mounts.


For smaller TVs, a ceiling wall mount allows for more flexibility and proves to be the better option when wall-mounting isn’t possible. Ceiling mounts are best placed in corners where they are easier to rotate.


The Advantages of Opting for a Flat Screen TV Wall Mount in Your Home

The latest advancements in TV technology over the last decade have seen televisions shrink in width and expand in screen size. Previously huge, heavy boxes are now super light, thin and with better quality vision than ever before.

It’s no surprise, therefore, that many customers will opt for a TV wall mount instead of a traditional cabinet. It’s not just a question of aesthetics though; there are many great reasons why someone will opt for a flat screen TV wall mount in the home or office.

Space Saving

That great big space on the wall with nothing on it? That’s an opportunity to utilise space and free up a corner of the room where the TV used to sit. It’s amazing how much of a burden on space a simple TV table can be, and yet it’s only noticeable once it’s gone.

Some Audio Visual Accessories You Need: Flat Screen TV Wall Mount

The world of technology is evolving at a rapid rate, with more new and innovative products being released quicker than most can keep track of. If you’re an entertainment lover, audiophile or general audio visual enthusiast, there are a range of accessories that you really should have in your life that, will not only make it easier, but increase your satisfaction and pleasure. The following selection of accessories are a sure fire choice for inclusion into your current collection of audio visual products.


If you don’t already have a Soundbar, you need to get one! A Soundbar is a great compromise for a small room where a large surround sound system will not fit. Soundbars offer a similar audio experience to a complete sound system but take up very little room, small enough to sit along the base of your television, or hang on the wall or TV Bracket. Some have Subwoofers as well which add to the bass but the Sub’s are best on the floor.

Where is the Best Spot to Place Your New Flat Screen TV Wall Mount?

There is no doubt that flat screen TVs look fantastic when mounted on walls. You cannot, however, just place your new TV anywhere because the position of the screen and the mounting device influences numerous factors.

Height from the Floor

The appropriate elevation of the flat screen TV wall mount should be one that offers maximum comfort for all individuals in your home. It, therefore, makes sense to give credence to kids and incredibly tall people when marking a spot to mount your flat screen TV. The safety of your TV is also essential as small children and pets may bump into furniture and fixtures. If you live in a flood prone region, you may want to consider mounting it a little higher than usual to prevent water damage.

What Homeowners Should Consider When Buying Flat-Screen TV Wall Mounts

There are several benefits of adding a flat screen TV wall mount within the home. The most popular reasons include space saving and better viewing angles as well as the overall sleek appearance that these accessories provide. It can still be tough to make the correct decision in terms of which mount may be the best option. Take a look below at a few important issues that should be addressed.

Swivelling, Tilt or Fixed?

This is one of the most common and important questions. The answer will ultimately depend upon how one plans on watching television. For example, those who enjoy lying back in bed or on the couch viewing their screen from a fixed position, are not likely to require a mount that swivels, as it will always be pointing in one direction, along with the tilt up and down.

Audio Visual Furniture and Flat Screen TV Wall Mount Company in Australia Launches New Website

Audio Visual Furniture and flat screen TV wall mount company RVM Australia launches their new website to showcase their ever growing range of products. The new website features a fresh responsive design that helps customers browse products with ease – from their smart phone, tablet or desktop computer. It contains information about the company, specific brands that fall under the RVM banner and plenty of product and company information customers and interested dealers alike would find very useful.

Since being established in 2000, RVM Australia’s primary objective has always been to ensure that the products its customers receive are of the highest quality. To achieve this, the company has continuously and systematically grown its product range to only offer the best brands in the market. ProAc, Caliber, Exposure, and of course, its flagship in-house brand Tauris are some of the brands which encompass RVM.

Building a Home Theatre? Learn About These Projector Screen Basics

“What’s a Good HD Screen?”…… When the wall won’t cut it!

There’s no such thing as a High Definition screen! A screen won’t make the image look any better if the source is inferior in the first place. Having said that, there is no way you can experience the full glory of HD if the device can’t project sharp images because the screen is of poor quality.

A good screen for ‘TrueHD’/’HD’/’3D’/’Blu-ray’ or ‘4K’ for that matter, (any signal really) requires a well matched reflectivity (or ‘gain’). This depends on your room. Brighter rooms need higher reflectivity (or higher gain) which diminishes the viewing angle, where as a darker room will be able to have a greater viewing angle and better blacks with a lower gain screen, saving money and getting as good or better results as a higher gain screen.