Selecting Between Open and Closed Entertainment and TV Cabinets

A lot of elements affect the entertainment experience in your home and among them, is the furniture. It is true that audio visual furniture will play a big part in how well you enjoy your entertainment system. You should make certain to get the best quality and most suitable pieces. Audiophiles and homeowners in Perth have so many options to pick from; from cabinets and entertainment units, to wall mounts. Buy furniture that will enhance your listening and viewing pleasure; whether it’s a TV or a projector screen. When buying audio visual furniture, one choice you have to consider is whether to get an open or closed cabinet.


You may focus too much on the aesthetics of a TV cabinet and forget about other elements. It is vital that audio visual furniture provides accessibility for users. Closed cabinets may restrict access and air flow to a certain point.


TV Cabinets and Projector Screens can Improve Your Viewing Experience

Most individuals, couples and families have a relatively comfortable audio visual setup in the home, including large televisions, sound systems, gaming consoles and DVD players. Having an enjoyable space to watch the latest movie at home or listen to some of your favourite tracks has become a standard necessity in today’s modern world.

The range of audio-visual accessories, add ons and products available today is continually evolving and expanding. There are 2 primary items available for your home entertainment setup that you may not have thought of, or that you may have put off until you require an upgrade.

Projector Screen

A projector screen may include a stand, or support structure, and a projector surface for which an image can be projected onto for viewing. If you’ve ever visited the cinema to see a movie, you would have watched it on a giant projector surface. Projectors and Screens for home use are now very competitive and do not cost a fortune like they did 10 years ag

Choosing Audio-Visual Equipment and TV Cabinets with a Modern Edge

Thanks to modern technology and a wide selection of options, consumers now have more choices than ever before when designing their home entertainment systems from their quadraphonic speakers to their TV cabinets. What are some of the factors a homeowner in Perth should keep in mind during this process?


It is a good idea to determine the amount of ambient space that is available. For instance, a pull-down projector screen is ideal for smaller environments or when a static wall mount proves to be too obtrusive. The size of the screen should also be noted, for this will define how far away the projector itself needs to be placed as well as the ultimate picture quality. As a general rule of thumb, these displays should be used in larger rooms to achieve the best viewing experience.

Purpose-Built Furniture and TV Cabinets are popular with today’s modern consumer

The early days of television watching saw an upsurge of television cabinetry: purpose-built furniture designed to house and hide away the bulky and unsightly television sets, hi-fi systems and radios of the time. With the advent of smaller and more streamlined, attractive television and radio sets the need for disguising furniture fell away, freeing up space for even larger sets, especially with regards to television screens. There is little more satisfying than a minimally furnished beach-side apartment in Perth or Sydney, Australia, with easy access to the ocean and a fantastic television to unwind with after the day is done!

The day of purpose-built television cabinets, however, is far from over. Or rather, it is probably more accurate to say that the day of this useful piece of furniture is on its way back with suppliers like RVM Australia coming up with ultra modern and classic designs.

Fitting the Entertainment Room: TV Cabinets and Other Ideal Additions

Every hard working resident from Perth to Brisbane deserves to come home to a well-appointed entertainment room where one can watch TV or play video games to unwind. Health buffs can also turn entertainment rooms into fitness centres by watching exercise DVDs and performing all sorts of workouts within such a space. To maximise the use of your entertainment room, consider the following additions.

A Place for Your TV

Most flat screen TVs come with their own stands that can be placed on pretty much any flat and stable, low-lying surface. Compared to a simple table, however, TV cabinets provide much nicer viewing angles in terms of height.