Buying the Right TV Cabinet and Other Audio-Visual Furniture for Homes

The presence of suitable, functional furniture in your home is fundamental. You must choose furniture that is not just aesthetically pleasing but suits its purpose also. When it comes to your audio-visual appliances, you must be sure to get furniture that suits your needs.

Most people make do with trolleys and shelves for their TVs and stereos, but there are other more appealing choices for your entertainment systems. Homeowners in Australia are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting quality AV furniture. From Perth to Melbourne, certain components will serve as dominant factors when deciding which piece of furniture to select.

Assembled or Not

It is possible to choose assembled or ready to assemble audio-visual furniture. Ready to assemble furniture comes in pieces that you have to assemble yourself. Though often cheaper, it takes some time to put it all together.


Where is the Best Spot to Place Your New Flat Screen TV Wall Mount?

There is no doubt that flat screen TVs look fantastic when mounted on walls. You cannot, however, just place your new TV anywhere because the position of the screen and the mounting device influences numerous factors.

Height from the Floor

The appropriate elevation of the flat screen TV wall mount should be one that offers maximum comfort for all individuals in your home. It, therefore, makes sense to give credence to kids and incredibly tall people when marking a spot to mount your flat screen TV. The safety of your TV is also essential as small children and pets may bump into furniture and fixtures. If you live in a flood prone region, you may want to consider mounting it a little higher than usual to prevent water damage.

Choosing Audio-Visual Equipment and TV Cabinets with a Modern Edge

Thanks to modern technology and a wide selection of options, consumers now have more choices than ever before when designing their home entertainment systems from their quadraphonic speakers to their TV cabinets. What are some of the factors a homeowner in Perth should keep in mind during this process?


It is a good idea to determine the amount of ambient space that is available. For instance, a pull-down projector screen is ideal for smaller environments or when a static wall mount proves to be too obtrusive. The size of the screen should also be noted, for this will define how far away the projector itself needs to be placed as well as the ultimate picture quality. As a general rule of thumb, these displays should be used in larger rooms to achieve the best viewing experience.

What Homeowners Should Consider When Buying Flat-Screen TV Wall Mounts

There are several benefits of adding a flat screen TV wall mount within the home. The most popular reasons include space saving and better viewing angles as well as the overall sleek appearance that these accessories provide. It can still be tough to make the correct decision in terms of which mount may be the best option. Take a look below at a few important issues that should be addressed.

Swivelling, Tilt or Fixed?

This is one of the most common and important questions. The answer will ultimately depend upon how one plans on watching television. For example, those who enjoy lying back in bed or on the couch viewing their screen from a fixed position, are not likely to require a mount that swivels, as it will always be pointing in one direction, along with the tilt up and down.