Building a Home Theatre? Learn About These Projector Screen Basics

“What’s a Good HD Screen?”…… When the wall won’t cut it!

There’s no such thing as a High Definition screen! A screen won’t make the image look any better if the source is inferior in the first place. Having said that, there is no way you can experience the full glory of HD if the device can’t project sharp images because the screen is of poor quality.

A good screen for ‘TrueHD’/’HD’/’3D’/’Blu-ray’ or ‘4K’ for that matter, (any signal really) requires a well matched reflectivity (or ‘gain’). This depends on your room. Brighter rooms need higher reflectivity (or higher gain) which diminishes the viewing angle, where as a darker room will be able to have a greater viewing angle and better blacks with a lower gain screen, saving money and getting as good or better results as a higher gain screen.


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