Audio Visual Furniture and Flat Screen TV Wall Mount Company in Australia Launches New Website

Audio Visual Furniture and flat screen TV wall mount company RVM Australia launches their new website to showcase their ever growing range of products. The new website features a fresh responsive design that helps customers browse products with ease – from their smart phone, tablet or desktop computer. It contains information about the company, specific brands that fall under the RVM banner and plenty of product and company information customers and interested dealers alike would find very useful.

Since being established in 2000, RVM Australia’s primary objective has always been to ensure that the products its customers receive are of the highest quality. To achieve this, the company has continuously and systematically grown its product range to only offer the best brands in the market. ProAc, Caliber, Exposure, and of course, its flagship in-house brand Tauris are some of the brands which encompass RVM.


Purpose-Built Furniture and TV Cabinets are popular with today’s modern consumer

The early days of television watching saw an upsurge of television cabinetry: purpose-built furniture designed to house and hide away the bulky and unsightly television sets, hi-fi systems and radios of the time. With the advent of smaller and more streamlined, attractive television and radio sets the need for disguising furniture fell away, freeing up space for even larger sets, especially with regards to television screens. There is little more satisfying than a minimally furnished beach-side apartment in Perth or Sydney, Australia, with easy access to the ocean and a fantastic television to unwind with after the day is done!

The day of purpose-built television cabinets, however, is far from over. Or rather, it is probably more accurate to say that the day of this useful piece of furniture is on its way back with suppliers like RVM Australia coming up with ultra modern and classic designs.

Building a Home Theatre? Learn About These Projector Screen Basics

“What’s a Good HD Screen?”…… When the wall won’t cut it!

There’s no such thing as a High Definition screen! A screen won’t make the image look any better if the source is inferior in the first place. Having said that, there is no way you can experience the full glory of HD if the device can’t project sharp images because the screen is of poor quality.

A good screen for ‘TrueHD’/’HD’/’3D’/’Blu-ray’ or ‘4K’ for that matter, (any signal really) requires a well matched reflectivity (or ‘gain’). This depends on your room. Brighter rooms need higher reflectivity (or higher gain) which diminishes the viewing angle, where as a darker room will be able to have a greater viewing angle and better blacks with a lower gain screen, saving money and getting as good or better results as a higher gain screen.