Selecting the Correct Television Wall Bracket

Selecting the right television wall bracket has just as much to do with safety as it does with visual appearance. As a flat-screen television is a delicate instrument, only the most appropriate brackets should be used. Let us examine a few factors to ensure that the best option is chosen.

Specific Ratings

First, the bracket design in question must be able to support the weight of the television. This figure will be provided in the technical specifications. For instance, purchasing a 32-inch-rated bracket for a 50-inch unit will result in a dangerous situation.

Swivel or Stationary?

The next choice will concern whether the bracket is required to swivel or if it will remain stationary. Swivel designs are common choices for corners, while static units are frequently used on flat walls (such as above an entertainment centre).

It should be noted that swivel designs will stand out farther from the wall. This may be a concern for homeowners with a limited amount of space. Several models are meant to mount nearly flush to the wall; perfect for cramped environments such as a bedroom. Most importantly, all brackets need to be supplied with a warranty against defects in parts or labour.

Other considerations should include the depth of the bolts provided and the presence of beams within the wall to support the mechanism. Understanding these metrics ahead of time is the best way to avoid any technical issues in the near future.


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